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Focus on public safety

We need to return KCSO’s focus to addressing crime and traffic safety issues that impact quality of life in King County. The men and women of the King County Sheriff’s Office have performed their jobs admirably, without any clear direction or conversation about crime fighting from my opponent. Further, their outstanding efforts are rarely recognized.

Building Community

Due to staffing cuts and reallocations, KCSO has largely withdrawn from authentic, dedicated community outreach activities. We must listen, engage and collaborate with our communities to effectively reduce crime and the fear of crime.

Forward thinking law enforcement leadership

Being a forward thinking law enforcement leader is about more than promoting the legalization of marijuana around the country. We need to employ modern leadership and management principles to leverage the talent and resources within the department as well as the talents and resources of the community itself.

Restore honor and integrity to the Office of Sheriff

My opponent has been plagued by lawsuits, arbitrations and a sexual assault allegation. King County deserves a Sheriff who treats people with respect and dignity, who abides by the law of the state and county, and the policies of the Sheriff’s Office.

Sanctuary Cities

The King County Sheriff’s Office has a nearly 30 year old policy prohibiting our deputies from asking a person’s immigration status.  I support this policy and will continue to do so as your Sheriff.  People should feel safe calling law enforcement for help – not suffer in silence because they fear being torn from their families.

Safe Injection Sites

My job as Sheriff is to enforce the laws that I am sworn to uphold.  In law enforcement, our job is to protect people and save lives whenever possible. I understand and see daily the effect the opioid epidemic has had on our country – 100 people die each day and that number is rising.

I don't support safe injection sites because there is so much we don't know about them yet. My concern is about the impacts of such sites on communities, the role law enforcement would or would not play in or around such sites and the effect on victims and survivors of human trafficking.  Survivors of human trafficking have told us that the areas around safe injection sites could become recruiting grounds for new victims who would use the sites. 

As your Sheriff I need to be sure that my deputies and detectives, sergeants and command staff understand our laws and are well trained in the application of those laws so that we follow them.

There are things we should be doing right now to help save lives and I will take action as Sheriff. We need to equip all of our deputies with Naloxone, the drug that can reverse the effects of an overdose.  Currently only about 40 King County deputies are equipped with this life-saving tool – and it only costs about $1 per dose.  Saving lives matters and we need to invest in making timely treatment more available to help those suffering in our cities and county.

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